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Advantages and disadvantages of TV

1. It goes without saying that television plays a very important role in society. 2. In my essay I will describe advantages and disadvantages of TV and argue in favour of both approaches. 3. And the disadvantages are, we will watch TV, because its so exiting to get a view of the whole world. 4. To begin with Id like to say television is one of the greatest inventions of our century. 5. At first I want to tell about advantages. 6. Television brings the world to our living room. 7. We see people in our country and become better informed by watching documentaries, science programmers and different discussions. 8. TV develops at us culture by learning more of the arts. 9. Television helps us to relax after a hard days work. 10. We can then cope better with the next days work. 11. Some people consider that TV is doing a lot of harm. 12. Pupils do homework in front of the television screen. 13. Off cause, the quality of the work is a very bad. 14. Secondly, they watch TV on Sundays afternoon, when outside activities would do them so much good. 15. Children fewer read books. 16. While speaking about TV, I cant but say some sentences about ads. 17. It goes without saying that advertising has become part and parcel of television. 18. Ads are all around us, not just on TV, radio, and in the press, but also at sports grounds in shop windows, on posters, badges and other. 19. Honestly saying, it annoys me, because advertisement makes us buy one things instead of another. 20. There are always a great variety of programmers on TV: news and sports programmers, talk shows and TV games, documentaries and future films. 21. Off cause, not all programmers are good, but many are made in good taste and great professional skill. 22. My favorite news programmer is Namedni with Leonid Parfenov. 23. This programmer deal with political and social problems of modern society. 24. Its aim is to give an analysis of the problems and to shows different viewpoints. 25. It is concerned with the countrys nationals events, festivals and public gathering. 26. It also includes news commentaries. 27. Announcers are necessary because without them television would proceed in a series of disconnecting jerks. 28. I think they should have the right personality. For me it means: first, it is a good appearance. Second, it is intelligence. It includes a good understanding of the language, and a very large measure of common sense. 29. Next, it is confidence. 30. They should not be afraid of the cameras.
31. At the end of my topic I want to disagree with words that television is doing a lot of harm. 32. Its absurd idea that TV makes you its slave. 33. It enriches our intellect, gives opportunities to see the best actors and performances, to hear the latest news. 34. In my opinion TV is a great force in the world.