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School system in Britain

l.To begin with I'd like to say that schools have changed a lot in recent years.
2. Standards have improved and there is much wider choice of schools colleges,
vocational schools and universities which suite to all tastes.
3. English psychologists say that all children must be given equal opportunities in the
primary school and then streamed according to the results of their progress and tests.
4. Education in Britain is compulsory and free for all between the ages of
5 to 16.
5. About 80% of all children attend state schools and the rest are educated in private
6. Students never repeat a year in British system, but they may be sent to a vocational
schools or sections.
7. Schoolchildren attend primary school for 6 years.
8. They study general subjects and special help is given to children with handicaps
and learning difficulties.
9. When students transfer to secondary schools at the age of 11, they take any

10. Most children go to comprehensive school which admit pupils of all abilities.
11. There are also "Grammar" and "Secondary modern" schools.
12. Students have to pass exams to attend them.
13. The pupils in all state schools in England and Wales study 10 main subjects.
14. At the age of 16 about two thirds of these pupils leave school and get jobs or
15. About one — third stay on at school until the age of 18 preparing themselves for
higher education.
16. More ambitious pupils continue to study in the 6th form.
17. They have only three or four main subjects which are necessary to pass the
advanced level exams at the age of 18.
18. The school year is divided into 3 terms with intervals between them.
19. All children of out — of- class activities are part of school life in Britain.
20. The students have a lot of opportunities for playing sports, attending different
club and singing in a choir.
21. Most schools in Britain have very good library which students use for reference
22. An educated person is one who knows a lot about many things.
23. He is also finding out more about the world around him.
24. Knowledge is compared to different things.
25. You can often read or hear such saying as:
"knowledge is power"; "knowledge is light"; "knowledge is wealth".

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