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A treasure house of information

1. The word library comes from the Latin word liber, meaning "a book".
2. Libraries appeared in ancient times in Egypt, Assyria, Greece and Rome.
3. Perhaps the most famous library of that early day was at Alexandria.
4. It was founded by Ptolomy the first.
5. By the middle of the 1st century BC there were about seven thousand papyrus rolls
in the library.
6. The first libraries in Russia were established in medieval monasteries.
7. Public library were opened in 19th century at the Academy of Sciences and
Moscow University.
8. A library is often called "A treasure house of information" and I fully agree with
this expression.
9. This is a place where information in print.
10.1 go to the library once a week.
11. The books in a children's library are arranged in such a way that even the smallest
children can easily reach them.
12.1 always bring my ticket with me on each visit — librarian cannot issue any thing
to me without it.
13.1 go to the reading room in our library if I need some material for my report.
14. On coming to the library I take the book, examine its cover, look through the
table of contents and think if this information will be valuable to me.
15. But I read not only for information but for my soul as well.
16. Books are divided into two classes: fiction and non — fiction.
17. Fiction books contain made — up stories, non- fictions books are books that give
18. As for me I prefer non — fiction books, because they teach us live properly and
don't make mistakes which heroes made in story.
19. Pushkin is one of my favorite writer.
20. He worked both in poetry and prose.
21. The tale "captain daughter" has an original plot.
22. It was so exiting, and I read it from cover to cover.
23. The picture which the author depicts in the story makes a fine impression.
24. He concerned some fact about war
25. It awakens the readers imagination, help us to understand and to love his hero.
26. The author characterized the hero as a brave man.
27. A book reviews is a short report about a book.
28. I write a review of my favorite book on cards in order to interest other people.
29. To cut a very long story about Libraries.
30. I'd like to say that a library is really "A treasure house of information".
31. The libraries are very helpful, and they give good knowledge.

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