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Russia is a country of enormous size and diversity. There are a lot of place to visit and things to see. One of the places to visit in Russia is Altai Republic and the capital Gorno-Altaisk, which is said to be one of the first places to be inhabited by man. Ulala site dates back to the 379th century BC. A small village in the past, Gorno-Altaisk has been considerably extended for the last 70 years. You can have a magnificent view of the town from the highest point of the mountains around. It main street Kommunistichesky stretches for miles from west to east. However, the main business and shopping center lies between two bus stops Mebelnaya and Tkatskaya. Now I want to take you round Gorno-Altaisk. Of course, we havent modern facilities for tourists as London. For example travel agents, guided excursions and others. It goes without saying every sightsee in tour includes visits to places of historic interests. Thats why we will with Memorial in Victory Park. It was erected to commemorate the 9th of May. People always go there and put flowers near the fire. First time visitors to a city usually want to see the famous places they have read or head about. But there are many more attractions it would be a pity to miss. Lots of the streets in our town have some associations with famous names of the past. For example Choros Gurkin Street is named of the famous altai pointer. Speaking about places of interests I must say that our region-study museum is worth visiting. It is situated in a beautiful three-store building remarkable for its architecture. The traffic in the town is comparatively heavy, because there are only two main streets there: Kommunistichesky and Choros Gurkin street. There are some markets in our town, including the shopping center where a great variety of goods can be found. In conclusion Id like to say that I personally wouldnt swap anything in the world for my home, my town.