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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big cities

1. In this essay I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city and ague in favour of the both approach.
2. All cities a mad, but the madness is gallant, all cities a beautiful, but the beauty is grim.
3. This quotation belongs to a famous man Christopher Morley. 4. It goes without saying that life in a big city has got a lot of disadvantages. 5. The first and the main are an enormous air and noise-pollution. 6. In a big city there are a lot of cars, so often you can see traffic jams. 7. With the growth of traffic, road sings become important. 8. They may be warning signs, traffic lights, arrow and strips that show you where you can cross the street. 9. These signs have to be understand at a glance. 10. A part from accommodation, the coast of living is very high. 11. A citizen runs into a lot of extra expenses paying for public transport, snacks, food delivery and entertainment. 12. And one another reason why I dont want live in a big city is huge numbers of terrorism and accidents.
13. But what ever the disadvantages are, I personally wouldnt swap live in a big city for anything in the world. 14. Firstly life in a big city is more anonymous. 15. IN a village everybody knows you and expects you to live and be have in a certain way. 16. Secondly, I find the city easier place to make friendsin. 17. In fact, you have a much wider range of people to choose from and to make friends with, were as in the country there tend to be a narrower range of people that you can be friend with. 18. In a big city you can find a prestigious an well- paid jobs. 19. In a big city you can have unique chance to visit historical places, concerts of famous singer and different restaurants. 20. So, I ultimately disagree with the statement that only a mad man would live in a modern city, because I am a big city boy and I can hardly do without all the hustle and bustle of my native city, Id rather quote Samuel Johns words who said When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.
21. To my mind it is a 100 percent true. 22. If you are tired of fun, pleasure, comfort and excitement a big modern city offers you, you are either tired of life or, most probably need some relaxing break in the country for a change.